sea mythical creatures

The origin of the mermaids

In this chapter we bring you the origin of the mermaids. Almost everyone knows these mythological beings due to their appearance in numerous movies, series, and stories. But have we wondered enough about them? Where is its origin? Next, we reveal everything about them.

Going back to the beginning of their history, these mythological creatures arose from fear. A fear that developed from thinking about the danger posed by long sea voyages. Its origin ascends to the incredible Greek mythology, where mermaids were not as we currently imagine. They were known as "mermaid-bird" and were characterized by having half of the body like a real woman and the lower half, with the body of a bird. On the other hand, we can find another type of mermaid, known as: "the mermaid-fish", which is the best known and the one that appears the most in movies and series, with the upper half of the body of a woman and the lower half, with fish tail. In the next paragraph, we will talk more about this variety of mermaid.

As we mentioned, it was from the Middle Ages when the appearance of fish was attributed to them, beautiful women with the tail of a fish who lived in the depths of the sea. Perched on rocks, playing instruments such as harps, which mesmerized the sailors with their angelic voice. However, paradoxically they were a symbol that represented temptation, danger and beauty.

If you are a lover of legends about the sea, you will know that there is a large part dedicated to mermaids. Next, we will discuss some very interesting ones. In Great Britain, they were associated with bad luck and could swim in fresh water as well, such as rivers. On the other hand, in China, it was said that the tears of mermaids turned into precious pearls. Finally, in Cantabria, there is a story where a mother fed up with her daughter disobeying her to go to the cliffs, asked God to turn her into a fish.

And you, do you have love or terror for these creatures? It is very confusing, knowing that such beautiful creatures were a symbol of danger and terror. If you are also declared a fan of mythological creatures, do not miss the following publications on mythical marine creatures.

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