Nautical experiment: crossing borders

Today, May 10, and under the Much More May program, promoted by the Cartagena City Council and specifically by the Department of Culture, we have carried out an experiment using beacons, GPS devices and three objects inside are.

The objective is to take, to a place other than Spain, the objects introduced in the beacons. Beacons that, being subjected to maritime currents, will be tracked through GPS devices. Devices that, as its acronym indicates: Global Positioning System, will allow us to know at all times, the situation in which they are.

Thank both the Department of Culture and the Club Náutico de Santa Lucia for having allowed us to work as a team so that, joining resources, ideas and, above all, generating a good atmosphere, this feat has been made possible.

For our part, and after having participated from Actividades Náuticas Dacar, with a more than satisfactory result, we are left with satisfaction and above all, the desire to continue promoting and supporting any activity related to nautical activities, as well as social and recreational activities. May has just started, the good weather is here and… it's time to enjoy the sea!

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