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The Mar Menor awaits us this season, very, very transparent, according to the Environment

This is how the Environment expects our precious Mar Menor to be from Easter, next April. “We will have a very transparent Mar Menor”, they affirm. The chlorophyll and turbidity index is breaking all-time lows, making transparency reach almost 99% of visibility up to 5 meters. Without a doubt, good news to enjoy with nautical activities!

Let us remember that the Mar Menor has overcome the rise in temperature that we have had in mind for months, as well as two important floods. Without forgetting the winds that move various materials to it. Haven't you visited it yet? We tell you a little below:

It is the largest saltwater lagoon in Spain, separating the Mediterranean Sea in two, with a total of 22 kilometers of land. What we know as "La Manga". Currently, it joins the Mediterranean Sea, or "Mar Mayor", by a natural opening to the north, and another made by the human factor, next to the Tomás Maestre marina. The origin of La Manga was thousands of years ago and for geological reasons. Today, it has many activities to do, recommending snorkeling, kayaking and even more adrenaline activities such as kite-surfing, which has always been in fashion in the area on windier days.

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