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Solidarity Voyage in Cabo de Palos: Nautical Commitment with Heart

Discover the Emotion of Enjoying the Sea in Cabo de Palos with Dacar

Immerse yourself in Dhaka's marine solidarity. We offer free kayaks to enjoy the sea in Cabo de Palos, social commitment on each journey.

On Levante beach, on December 28, we joined forces in a solidarity journey that goes beyond rowing. The collaboration with Dacar not only involved providing free kayaks, but also SUP boards and active participation in the water safety team.

Each paddle represented a step towards social responsibility, strengthening the connection with the Cabo de Palos community. The day not only offered the opportunity to enjoy the sea, but also to contribute to a noble cause, raising funds for Cáritas through a Christmas Market and a food collection.

This is not just an isolated collaboration; It is an example of Dhaka's continued commitment to the promotion of nautical activities, environmental education and active participation in solidarity events.

The solidarity voyage was not only an event, but a testimony of how unity at sea can make a difference. Dacar thanks all the participants and Diego Conesa for making this event possible. Next time, we will be there again, paddling towards a more caring future.

The Dacar experience goes beyond the waves. Each nautical activity not only seeks to provide fun, but also inspire a deeper awareness about the importance of caring for our marine environment.

In Cabo de Palos, the Dakar nautical commitment is an invitation to everyone to enjoy the sea responsibly, understanding that each paddle has an impact, not only on our lives but on the community and environment we love. Join us on this exciting nautical journey! 🌊🚣‍♂️ #CaboDePalos #NauticalCommitment #EnjoyTheSea