kayak fishing

They are many fans of one of the oldest sports in the world, fishing. Although formerly more than a sport it was a necessity. The need to obtain food to eat. However, today, it is a sport or hobby for many people. Since it can be very relaxing and exciting at the same time. If you fish from the shore, and want to venture to the fishing kayaking, we are going to give you some reasons to encourage you to do it!

It is an affordable alternative. A kayak is always going to be more affordable than a traditional motorized boat. It is an affordable initial investment to get into the water, you need a paddle and a vest. However, if you think that it will not be profitable for you to buy a kayak because there will not be many times that, due to time constraints, you go fishing, you can rent it. Since companies, such as DACAR, we make available to individuals the option of renting the complete equipment.

Cabo de Palos Kayak route.

It allows you accessibility. Thanks to the kayak you will have access to different types of water, whether they are further from the shore or rocky areas. Delve into the sea in search of the largest pieces.

It is low maintenance. Apart from cleaning your fishing equipment from salt, mud or dirt, if you decide to buy a kayak, maintenance is minimal. It is recommended to sweeten the metal parts after each use in the sea and spray a sunscreen from time to time so that it does not lose color. Do not forget that if you decide to rent with us you will not have to deal with any type of maintenance. Leave that to us!

Being relatively light in weight, it can be handled by one person if you need to transport it. You will need a roof rack in your car or some type of trailer to transport it to the areas prepared to access the sea. However, when renting it, forget about this too. Well, we leave everything ready for you to take it and access directly to the sea.

Another reason is that kayak fishing will keep you fit while having fun. Since to access interesting fishing areas you will have to row to them. You will be surprised how long you will be paddling in a good fishing area to get the best pieces. Kayaking and fishing are two hobbies that transmit a lot of peace and quiet. You will hear the sound of the waves, the birds, the sea breeze, you will enjoy a unique calm while kayaking and fishing. You will feel connected with nature!

Fishing at sunset.

Another advantage of kayaking over motor boats is noise. Being stealthy, the kayak will allow you to approach the fishing areas without scaring off the possible catches that are there. If you decide to get a kayak, it may be difficult to find a suitable place to store it. Since not everyone has a spacious garage available to store their kayak. Another thing that, renting a kayak, you don't have to worry about.

We hope we have managed to encourage you to rent a kayak with DACAR and go fishing. If you like tranquility and fishing, do not hesitate to try this modality, you will not regret it!

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