Do you want to get started in water sports and discover the excitement of sailing? We have the perfect plan for you!


FROM 12 to 20 years

From JUNE 24

Students who want to sail in double boats or who, due to their physical constitution, have outgrown the optimist, have the "Vaurien" boat to continue their training and the enjoyment of sailing.  During the course, students will learn about the beginning aspects of this type of boat, as well as experiencing faster navigation and maneuvers than in children's boats. 

in the course of Improvement In light sailing you will sail in a much more technical boat than the one used in previous courses, it is the Vaurien, a boat for two students, with the support of the monitors in the follow-up zodiac. It is undoubtedly a qualitative leap in training. Fluency in carrying out all kinds of maneuvers will be acquired, achieving a high degree of internalization of the behavior of the boat since all the government is in the hands of the students. In this course, you will also acquire proficiency in trimming sails and rigging, balancing weights in navigation, and priorities.



5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Monday to Thursday – 10 hours. 



What includes?

Vaurien, vests, course book, photos, activity and civil liability insurance, and many surprises.

What Brig

Sportswear for water, comfortable or water shoes, sun protection, cap, sunglasses and towel. 


Do not bring plastic bottles.