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since April

At Actividades Náuticas Dacar we have a training system created so that you can acquire the contents properly, where you experience a constant evolution both in the sensations that you are going to assume and in the knowledge that you are going to acquire. 

The navigation will be in a "Gamba" type school boat, where you will be accompanied by the instructor at all times. During this experience you will understand contents about the rigging and control of the boat, developing knowledge of the environment, acquiring notions of safety and improvement for the cases that are going to be developed. 

For this boat we have two levels of learning. 

 Sailing initiation in “Gamba” (4 days): Objectives

  1. Master the basic nautical nomenclature.
  2. Being able to rig the boat.
  3. Know directions and perceive the wind.
  4. Have good management of the cane and maintain directions.

Maneuvers Navigation in “prawn” + Cruise (4 days): Objectives

  1. Perform tacks and gybes with ease.
  2. Maintain correctly upwind and sterns.
  3. Perform layer maneuver and row line.
  4. Understand buoy grab, speed control and entrances and exits.

10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. / 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


From April to June – to availability – 10 hours

July and August: 

  • Monday to Thursday. 10 hours. 

Initiation course: 200€

Autonomy course (“Gamba” + cruise): 250€

What includes?

Sailing boat, theoretical material, vests, and insurance for the activity and civil liability.

What Brig

Sports clothing for water, comfortable shoes, sun protection, cap, sunglasses and towel.