"The last lighthouse keepers": filming begins!

During this week the filming of this documentary began. One of the projects awarded by the Cultural Reactives program of the Cartagena City Council. A film that tells the story of the Cabo de Palos Lighthouse through the eyes of its last lighthouse keepers. Those in charge of carrying out this project are Jeanette Conesa and Plan Out Productions.

Jeanette Conesa is a young woman from Cartagena who already had great regional and national repercussions in 2017 thanks to the documentary "La Cárcel Vieja habla" that she presented together with Blanca Pérez de Tudela. Plan Out is a tourist services company in charge of guided visits to the Cabo de Palos lighthouse, whose CEO is Sergio González, who is in charge of producing the film.

In the technological age in which we live we are not aware of the many jobs that have disappeared. And once the last active lighthouse keepers retire, it will be another profession that will become extinct. For us it is impossible to imagine Cabo de Palos without its lighthouse. And those who know its history better than those who have been part of it, the lighthouse keepers. For this reason, this documentary feature tells the extraordinary story of the Cabo de Palos Lighthouse through the eyes of its last inhabitants. Many people are unaware that Cabo de Palos witnessed the most tragic shipwreck in the Mediterranean or that the most important naval battle of the Spanish Civil War took place here. All this and more is covered in the film!


2020, the Spanish coasts have 187 lighthouses of which only a few more than 30 are inhabited. The Cabo de Palos Lighthouse, located in a small fishing village on the Cartagena coast (Murcia), is one of them. The lighthouse keepers are direct witnesses to the history of the cape, pirates, historic shipwrecks, legends, naval battles that have marked milestones and centuries and centuries of history have passed through their eyes. But now, these guardians of the sea have to say goodbye. What has driven them to extinction?

This project is seeking financing to cover all the production and fiscal expenses that are necessary to carry it out. All contributions are welcome! Here you can make your own:

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