Pelayo Vida Challenge: A challenge to overcome

The Pelayo Vida Challenge originated 6 years ago, in which five women cancer survivors make dreams and goals that seemed unattainable come true, carrying out a great challenge in some of the most hidden places on the planet and led by renowned characters from the scene scientific and sports country.

These challenges included places as amazing as Kilimanjaro in 2015, where they climbed to the top of this very mountain. In 2016 it consisted of crossing the Atlantic Ocean under sail. In 2017 they lived a unique experience traveling more than 100 km on foot through the Arctic. In 2018 they were able to cover more than 300 km of distance on a mountain bike through the Annapurna valley, crowned as the tenth highest mountain in the world. In 2019 they crossed the Salar de Uyuno, the largest salt desert in the world, from north to south, to later climb and conquer the summits of Acotango and Nevado Sajama, the highest point in Bolivia and the 10th highest volcano on the planet. .

The Pelayo Seguros company decided to sponsor the Pelayo Vida Challenge, with the support of the Women's Universe of the Higher Sports Council, in which 5 cancer surviving members decided to embark on a new adventure that would pose a great mental and physical challenge for them.

The participants in this challenge are women cancer survivors

The objective of this adventure was to convey a "loud and clear" message to all women who are fighting this disease or who have overcome it.

In addition, the Pelayo Vida Challenge supports the social causes of these organizations and foundations that fight against cancer from various fields, making visible and disseminating their important messages, their objectives and their activity. Some of these associations are: aecc, universo mujer, fundación vencer el cáncer and la vida en rosa foundation.

The first challenge in Spain

This year and for the first time, the Challenge travels the Spanish coasts with a sailboat as a way of supporting the reconstruction of the country after the crisis generated by COVID-19. In this sixth edition, five adventurers will sail around the Iberian Peninsula, linking the ports of Bilbao and Barcelona and making stops in the cities of Malaga and Valencia. The five chosen for this sixth edition will sail on a 72-foot sailboat, 1,530 nautical miles along the Cantabrian Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

This challenge will end in a few days in the city of Barcelona

This Wednesday, October 21, we were lucky enough to witness the passage of these five women through our city, since one of the members, Lorena Madrid Rubio, is from Cartagena. They have been welcomed through an act in which the deputy mayor, Manuel Padín, as well as the president of the Port Authority, Yolanda Muñoz, have been present.

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