Are you wondering which nautical activity is the one that best suits you? Today we are going to tell you about some of the most practiced nautical activities nowadays…Take note!


If your goal is to relax and watch a movie landscape, this activity is for you. An ancient activity in which the ancient tribes used it to gather food, now it is shared by many fans. The economic ease of this activity is very attractive, since we do not need large investments, being able to find kayaks at the level of all pockets.


Who has not ever considered doing this sport? For those who are passionate about the depths of the sea, its fauna and its beauty, this activity is perfect. A sport that brings magic to every dive and hooks everyone who dares to try it. We can find several modalities in it, so it can be perfect to find the one that best suits you.


A whole "boom" since this activity became a trend. We may think that it is similar to "Surf" but the truth is that they present several differences. The Paddle Surf / Rowing Surf, is about moving through the water with a surfboard with the use of a paddle while we remain standing on it. It is a sport that can be practiced in the sea, lakes, reservoirs and rivers and is suitable for all ages.


A classic, we can talk about canoeing, kayaking... This sport can be practiced individually or collectively, which in the latter case, the most important thing is the coordination and teamwork of all the members. An activity that you can find in many places in Spain, both inland and on the coast.

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