Kayak Cartagena: "a picture is worth a thousand words"


Cartagena, a beautiful city of cultures, three thousand years old and a thousand other things that we could talk about. However: do you know her from the sea? Here we come into play!

Today, you can do it with our kayaks. Yes, the authentic ones from DACAR! Fun, affordable to handle after our express training and of course: in a group to enjoy even more!

Cartagena belongs to the Costa Cálida and with it, a microclimate with an average annual temperature of 18 degrees, so easily, in cold temperatures, you can enjoy its views, aboard our kayaks, with little more than the same clothes What would you wear doing sports outdoors and if it's sunny and you're brave: you can bathe on the sunniest days!

Next and in relation to the title: a picture is worth a thousand words, we show you how much fun we have every day. Do not forget to contact us without obligation to join to know Cartagena from the sea, with a lot of fun in between.

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