We ask SOS for the Mar Menor, a true jewel that the Region of Murcia has, but that little by little has been deteriorating. It is considered the largest saltwater lagoon in Europe and is a benchmark for the inhabitants of the Region of Murcia, since they have enjoyed endless summers, a wonderful beach, lifelong friends and incredible fauna. who frequented these waters.

The Mar Menor was considered a large natural pool. Among the fauna that could be found in the Mar Menor at that time, species such as: jellyfish, molluscs, cephalopods, arthropods, fish (such as seahorses, eels, gilthead bream, goby, sea bass) can be mentioned. Unfortunately, many of these animals can no longer be found in these waters, due to the great pollution they suffer.

The world of construction and especially the industries have been withering their waters. And many are affected by the discharges that have been introduced into them. The inhabitants of the area, tourism, wildlife, and local businesses are harmed by this situation.

As the years have passed, its status has deteriorated. In the years 2020 and 2021, there have been episodes in which a large number of lifeless fish have been stuck on its shore, due to the lack of oxygen in the sea. Currently, the Mar Menor is in the Ramsar Convention, becoming a specially protected area of importance for the Mediterranean. And many associations have been created that support and fight for the rights of this Sea, such as: SOS Mar Menor, which collects the signatures of thousands of people who love this sea and fight for the respect and justice it deserves.

As lovers of nautical activities, we are protectors of the sea that gives us life and its fauna, which is why we encourage you to take care of it so that future generations can enjoy it just as we did.

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