We have seen them in movies, books, we can believe in them or think that they are just legends. If you don't know what we are talking about, we bring you some of the most mysterious animals in the ocean, true legends.

You will surely become a fan of them:

  • KRAKEN. A legend of Scandinavian and Finnish origin. Shaped like a giant octopus, the size of an island, it becomes the fear of the waters. He faces sailors and their boats, creating a great whirlpool in the sea, where nobody and nothing has an escape. This myth may have developed when sailors sighted royal squid with a length of between 33 and 55 meters.
  • loch ness monster. This iconic animal, whose residence is Loch Ness in Scotland, has become one of the best-known legends worldwide. It is said that it could have the appearance of a prehistoric marine creature (Plesiosaurus) There are some inhabitants residing in the place, who have verified its existence. However, there are many others who remain incredulous at its existence.
  • JÖRMUNDGANDER / MIDGARD SNAKE. This incredible creature will be in the form of a snake and in Norse mythology, it haunts Midgard until the day of Ragnarök.
  • MÁKARA. It is a sea monster of Indian origin. It is said that it can take different forms, depending on your needs. From a crocodile or a fish, to an elephant or a deer, they admit to having seen.
  • UMIBOZU. Also known as a sea monk. It is a Japanese spirit. Part of having the shape of a large and round head, as if it were the shaved head of a Buddhist monk.

I'm sure there were some you didn't know! We love mythology that has to do with the sea, and you? Do not miss our next post, we will continue commenting on the wonders of the ocean. You can read more about mythology, clicking here.

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