For a good cause!

Last Thursday, June 6, Actividades Náuticas Dacar participated as collaborators in the ISEN Solidarity Market. Market that, year after year and with the sale of products donated by companies and individuals, seeks to raise the maximum amount of money to be able to allocate it to social causes. Causes that are increasingly necessary to avoid inequality, help those most in need and, ultimately, create a fairer world.

We wanted to go further, and not only collaborate with free kayak trips for those who made a donation, but we created a "live" photocall or scenery in which the public could take photos in a kayak, with a life jacket, nautical accessories... promoting as well as healthy habits such as sports and contact with nature.

The market managed to raise €2,000, so we have no choice but to congratulate ISEN, especially Pedro García, who, as a teacher at this vocational and university training study center, has managed to break the collection record, in comparison to other years and for having allowed us to participate in said event. Congratulations and until next year!

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