Benefits of going to the beach

Did you know that going to the beach not only helps us disconnect and relax? Both sea water, sand and sun have benefits for our body.

We are sure that you feel like going to the beach, it might even be a necessity to escape for a few days to lie on the sand and enjoy a few good days under the sun... What are you waiting for? We tell you about a few benefits of going to the beach, of all the ones there are.

  • Relieve the stress. Both the sun and the waves, combined, work to completely relax the body, free it from its pain and appease daily stress. Not only do we release serotonin when we get to the beach, but the sound and images are relaxing and bring peace. 
  • You sleep better. For all those people who suffer from insomnia and are looking for a natural remedy, the beach is a definite recommendation, as it helps alleviate three key factors that inhibit sleep: high levels of stress and anxiety, lack of physical fatigue and hormonal imbalances.
  • Improves the ability to fight infections. Sure, many times you have experienced some pain when an open wound is exposed to salt water, but that means that it is being cleaned correctly. This type of water has antibacterial and antifungal properties, plus the iodine in seawater is a fantastic booster for the immune system.
  • Inflammation and pain can be reduced. Aquatic exercises are by far the easiest aerobic activity for the elderly, people with joint pain such as arthritis, or those who have recently undergone surgery. This is because the water offers great resistance without any impact.
  • You breathe better. The natural inclination to inhale deeply when arriving at the beach is actually an automatic response to air quality. Everyone with asthma or breathing difficulties will find it much easier to breathe when they are at the beach than anywhere else. This is because the chest muscles that surround the lungs don't just relax on the beach. 

And you, what do you think of these reasons to go to the beach? Surely they have been enough to convince you of a little getaway, but if not... Do not miss our next post!

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