The origin of surfing

Surely you have heard of this great water sport such as surfing, but have you heard anyone talk about its origin? Next, we are going to start, we will tell you the history of the origin of surfing and we will explain some concepts about this popular sport.


Its origin dates back to when the natives took advantage of the waves to fish and return to shore without having to swim. The founder of modern surfing was the Hawaiian prince Duke Kahanamoku who in 1920 founded the first surf sports club in Waikiki.

What is this sport about?

Surfing consists of staying in balance, sliding on a board, dragged by a wave, for as long as possible and without falling into the water, going through one or more fins located on the back of the board. In addition to good reflexes and balance, it requires mastery of swimming and a great knowledge of the sea; so surfers can choose the best waves.

necessary equipment

  • Boots: Surfers typically wear boots made of neoprene, a flexible synthetic rubber.
  • Belt: The board leash attaches to the ankle of the sailboat surfer. Thus, the surfer does not lose the board when it falls into the water.

Types of technique

Each wave is different. A surfer must know how the waves behave in order to maneuver on them and impress the judges. Some of the techniques are: Take-off or takeoff, Floater, Cut-back: or cut and return, Tube, Aerial.


Modern tables have a fish profile and are made of hand-shaped polyurethane wrapped in glass. They measure between 1.50 and 2.10 meters long. It is aerodynamic and light, and allows for quick maneuvers and turns. There are several types of board that are used in this sport, they are the following: Bodyboard, Shortboard, Longboard

As in any sport, we must be well informed about how we have to carry out the activity in order to obtain all these benefits correctly. You can request information about all the activities we offer without obligation and start your most active life now. Ask for more information.

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