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Nautical activities to do a weekend

As you know, the best season to enjoy water activities is here: summer. Things like going to the beach and breathing the sea air are becoming more and more necessary. In addition, the body asks us for fresh air, vitamin D and physical activity. That is why today we will talk about some nautical activities to do on the weekend and enjoy the sea, therefore, if you want to know more… Keep reading!

Before, on the coasts, only "sun and sand" was practiced, but now things have changed and we don't want to just lie on the towel to absorb vitamin D. 

We recommend these options because they offer us an advantage which is: being able to carry out these activities alone and in very small groups, respecting social distance while enjoying the benefits of the sun and the sea.

  • classic surfing

Why not? More and more surf schools are lending themselves to help you take those first lessons. So if you spend the summer on a beach with waves... It's worth trying!

Of course, you should know that it is a hard sport and you will need to wear the appropriate clothing, in addition to being aware of the tides and waves.

  • kayaking

Kayaking is another of those fun activities in which you can enjoy views that we cannot appreciate from land.

With this activity you can access corners of the coast such as caves, waterfalls, coves where you can stop to take a bath... It is ideal to live an individual experience or accompanied @!

  • Sailboat

Why don't you opt for sports navigation? It is very rare to find a coast where they do not offer boat rental services, whether with or without a skipper, where you can sail the seas living an unforgettable experience.

  • snorkeling

It is a perfect activity for the coves that we find in Cabo de Palos, where we find crystal clear waters and spectacular marine fauna. You will find the beauties that the seabed offers you incredible!

Also, if you are on a beach where there is coral, do not think about it and swim while contemplating the colored rock formations that decorate the bottom of the seas.

And you? Do you dare to try some of these activities in summer? We can assure you that you will live an experience that you will never be able to forget. For more information, click here.

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