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Team New Zealand Revalidate America's Cup Title

Team New Zealand revalidates the America's Cup title, has met the forecasts and retains the Hundred Guineas Jug.

They have prevailed in the battle for the title with a difference of 46 seconds over their rival, and with an aggregate score of 7-3.

It is the fourth time in history that a New Zealand team has raised the silver Ewer, since 1995 they have played the final in six of the seven editions held. It is not an easy competition to win… since in the 170 years of history only four countries have won it. (United States, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland)

Such was the euphoria... that 1,600 spectator boats came out to witness the final!

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This edition was marked by a capricious wind, which was the protagonist until the last day, when the start of the tenth sleeve had to be delayed 30 minutes. In it, the superiority of the New Zealand AC75 'Te Rehitai', commanded by Peter Burling, was made clear. In the second leg, Luna Rossa's maneuver failed and they paid dearly for it, since the distance increased and the impotence of the Italian team was greater. Thus causing the third defeat of the Italian team in a final.

Despite the defeat, the Italians warn: “We still believe that Italy can win the Copa América” “We will come back stronger”.

Peter Burling, a national hero, greatly appreciates the country's support, as well as receiving messages from the minister to the high school children, as well as the pride that comes from him and his team for having won in home waters. He is also full of praise for the Italian team “They were true warriors and they took us by surprise. So it took us a while to get to the top, but you can be incredibly proud. It has been the best team that Italy has had in the Cup”.

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At the 37th edition of the America's Cup in 2023, Team New Zealand will once again be the Defender. The Royal Yacht Squadron, representing the Ineos UK Team, is shaping up to be the next Challenger of Record. Both must agree on the format of the new boats and the number of previous regattas and competition rules.

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